Saturday, June 11, 2005

What I've been doing

I really have been bad. It's weeks since I posted an entry. Naughty girl!
I do have an excuse. I've been busy sewing and looking after family. We now have two grandgirls living with us (I'd forgotten how demanding 3 year olds can be). The elder one will be starting a new school on Tuesday. We got her acceptance in to her new school yesterday, complete with her book list, so, this morning, I bought her stationary and this afternoon I covered her exercise books. I haven't done that for years but I discovered its like riding a bike - once you know how you don't forget. On Monday I have to make the art smock and the sandshoe bag! I will get to quilt again sometime!.
Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to try to play golf again! I'm not really going to play a game but I'm going to practice on the practice pitching area to try to get my short game back. I just hope all the rain we have had today doesn't continue tomorrow! Wish me luck cause my shoulder is aching just at the thought - but that could be old age and the weather too!
I have done some quilting. I've finished my high tech tucks quilt. I'm really happy with it! When I was cutting the tucks I cut them too wide and had to trim 1cm off each tuck! The pile of off cuts sat on the eightball table for weeks! Every so often I'd pick them up to throw them in the bin but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! Weekend before last I went into my sewing room to tidy up and once again I picked up the little pile - then I started to play with them. Two hours later I had the makings of a new wall hanging. So much for tidying the room up! At least I got rid of that little pile on the eight ball table

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