Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The effects of a long cold winter in Tasmania

The sub title of my blog is " a quilter who plays golf", right? Well now I can report that I am again playing golf, badly, but I'm playing! I really need to too! I am so unfit. Winter has played havoc with my poor little body - not so little any more! I've sewed lots, I've cooked lots, I been on the computer lots but the the legs were not doing much. I can't put any pictures up yet because they are all works in progress but I'm really happy with what I've done in the sewing room.

Spring has really sprung in the back garden. The daffodils have have almost finished - 4" of rain in 3 days fixed them! The Rhodo has just about given up the ghost too! My little blue bells are about to flower, the apple tree has flower buds all over it and the ornamental cherry is about the be a star! I'll put a pic up when that does its stuff - so pretty.

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