Sunday, March 08, 2009

Peru Quilt

I had fun with this block. Firstly I painted the black farbric with bleach to lighten it up a little. I ended up doing this 3 times till I got the colour I wanted. I was going to paint it but I had just bought a book on thread painting so I thought to self "have a go! Experiment" So I did and I think it worked.

This is the block that started the whole thing. As soon as I saw the photo that Jenny gave us I could see cathederal windows. So I have ended up with 4 peruvian ladies sitting in a circle.

The fish were the most challenging block. I had no idea where to start. In despiration I started to look through my cookbooks! Mark thought I had gone stark , raving, mad! An then I found it - a tiny picture of 4 fish on a bench with a bunch of bay leaves! "OK" I said to my self. "Can you paint?" The only way to find out was to try and this was the end result. It took me two days but it was worth it I think.

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