Monday, May 11, 2009

Deep Breath - Start again

Now that I've got that off my chest I'll explain.

I found "Dear Jane" right back when I first started using the internet and started quilting (they are symbiotic to me). Did the internet start me quilting or was it the other way around? Guess I'll never know. But I still love the first quilt I made. No rulers, no rotary cutters, no cutting mats, a very basic ,very old sewing machine - lots of guess and rip, lots of near enough is good enough! But all the girls (and some of the boys ) argue about who get s to snuggle under it! I was brave enough to enter it into the local Guild show. I got a third prize and was told I might have done better if I'd quilted it a bit (Lot) more. I have learnt a lot but I still love my first quilt!

Ok here goes! When I found "That Quilt", I promised myself that when I gave up smoking (yes I'm a smoker and if I was buying cigs I couldn't afford all the bits I needed - a hey what a reward - years of torture!!!) I would buy the book and the software and give the quilt a good go!

My room mate in Sydney for the Scquilters retreat in 2005 was a Dear Janer and I saw and touched her quilt - awesome! I thought to myself - never in a pink fit could I do that - well now I think I can but......

Guess what ------ Drum roll!!!!!!!


I have been smoke free for 3 weeks 2 days! After smoking for 37 years! And I haven't killed anyone yet! I've cried a lot and sulked a bit (well - maybe a big bit ), I think I even spat a dummy last night but all is good - so far!! I know I can be strong!

So should my DJ numbers be - 0,0,3,2?

By the way my dj blocks so far are A1 and A3


Karen said...

I love your first quilt! Congratulations on being smoke free and very exciting you are starting DJ. I look forward to seeing your blocks.

C. Poulsen said...

I too look forward to seeing your blocks. Sometimes I have to promise myself that I will get to do something if I will change something that I am doing but never anything as big as smoking. What will power...

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