Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Central Highlands! Wow!

How Australian is this!
This is a picture of the "Dunny" next door to the shack we were staying at! I just had to take the picture. The temperature, over night, was about -3C. That is a very cold walk in the middle of the night!
We took our caravan with us, so we slept in the van and all our friends slept in the "shack"! a 5 bedroom shack!
More soon - 2 new DJ blocks done and still no smoke!

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Feather on a Wire said...

I remember dunnies. When we first arrived in Oz, my mother wanted to get on the first boat back to the UK. She was absolutely horrified and that was before the incident when then dunny man came whilst she had been sitting there LOLS.
We also had them at my first school in Brisbane, in rows!
We survived......

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