Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lisa Jane M-10

Simple Simon

I decided to give myself an easy one this time just cause I've got the flu and I feel horrid. Not foundation pieced! Amazing. Nice simple squares cut and stitched! As you can see I feel so horrid I had to use the unpicker! (not once but 4 times!!!!!)

The photo doesn't show the fabric very well - it is soooo rich in real life.

And my 25th block! Yeah - only 200 to go!

(25,0,0,596) (0,2,3,2)


Kitty Pijnaker-Karremans said...

I love the colours of your Dear Jane. Did you buy this fabric of did you dye it yourself. I am making a black and white Dear Jane: the Black Jane. Totaly different. When I look at all the Dear Janes on the varias blogs it is wonderfull to see the way they turn out in all the different colours. I am not a big lover of antique colours. The colours you use are so rich. I am looking forward to seeing the finall look.

Sally Westcott said...

Thank you Kitty for visiting my blog. The fabric I have bought from Lisa Waltton Of Dyed and Gone to Heaven.

Her fabric is amazing!

I love your black and white Jane!


Karen said...

Lots of wonderful Dear Jane blocks! Love the bright, happy fabric.

Sally Westcott said...

Thank you Karen. Our Janes are going to be very different!

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