Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Fairy Mouse For Rosemary

Good morning Rosemary and anyone else who is interested,

I'm pleased you like my little fairies. I can't remember where I learnt the technique but it is very simple.

I either drew or found the images of the fairies, dragon or unicorn that I liked. I the reduced each image to appliqué "bits" on vixofix. I prepared a backing and batting using iron-on pellon. I appliquéd the images on to the batting/backing using satin stitch. When is was securely fix in place I carefully cut around them with a small very sharp pair of scissors, being very careful not to cut the satin stitching around the edge.

This is a photo of a little fairy mouse that I have half made. He should be finished soon!

And here he is!  Once I posted the unfinished mouse I just had to finish him.  Humm I think he needs an eye!


Julie said...

A delightful Fairy Mouse!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

that was me above Sally. new pc just getting the hang of it.

Lovely post.

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