Sunday, September 20, 2009

August Journal and New Challenge!

My Goodness. I have had a very challenging weekend!

Yesterday I finished my August Journal - I added a few more beads and then my head started to think about September, so I guess I have added enough beads!

The Forensics Camps are finally over, the 2 Grandbabies (who came to the 2nd camp with me), have gone home to their respective, other homes and I have had some sleep!

These are the tyres the campers had to use to make castings!  Very messy, very physical and a lot of fun!

I took the photo after the "bits" were in my Prep room.  The plaster is there and the "Blood Splatter" equipment.  I didn't take any photos of the 'Blood Splatter" because I can do al sorts of things but I don't "do" disembodied blood, sorry!

The Physics Lab!  The 4 hot plates set along the bench are for Refractive index of glass!  The campers had to use this apparatus to work out which piece of glass they had!  
Can you see the Tamanian Tiger outside the window?

This is another photo of the same thing just because I love the art work on the walls out side the lab!

This s the "Soil and Paintchip" Lab.  The Campers also did paper chromatography in this lab.

I think we all had fun and learnt heaps

Basil, Barrie and Bill!
Basil - the fox on the shelf

Barrie - the Deputy Principal

Bill - the brains of the outfit!  Thanks Bill for 2 great camps.  The next one will be even better!

Two good sleeps later and.............

How lazy am I?

Had a shower and dressed at 2pm! I loved it! Then we(sweetpea (DH) and I) went to 2nd daughter's place to help keep her babies company! Sara (DD), Morgan (DGS) and Lucy (DGD) are wonderful but very exhausting! I loved it! We played in the veggie patch, we played in the bath and we giggled as we got ready for bed - then Poppy and Wally came home for dinner and a big sit down!

Before we left, DD gave me a challenge!

Sara tells me that Lucy needs a new quilt (Lucy is about to graduate from a cot to a bed). Sara has painted little persons room antique white and then painted a tree with owls and birds on the walls!  It's very cute really because she is a very good artist!!  She has even painted the cutest little ants running around the door frame! (Note to self - take a few photos next time you are there!).

Anyway - these are the templates and swatches that she used for the walls ( forgot to say that the dark red swatch is the feature wall in Lucy's room!).  Now to design the quilt!

Morgan's room is next and that is going to be a castle (Help!)

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