Sunday, October 04, 2009

My weekendof creation and frustration

Oh my! How frustrating can Yahoo be?  For that matter - How frustrating can a computer be?

The hard drive on the laptop dies last week and it has taken me ages to get nearly everything back in place. Most of my stuff is where it should be but some of it just wont co-operate. Grrr!

Most of my sites I visit don't know me anymore - I've had to remember so many ID's and Passwords.  I really should simplify my life.

Anyway, that is enough of a whinge and grizzle. This is what I've been doing over the weekend.

That would be lino printing again.

This photo is the print I've made with the 2 1/2" reapeating pattern block I've made.

The Pussy cat hiding behind the maidenhair fern is another story.

I think I have a little balance and movement happening with this block

And this is the print from the block.

I love the colours too.

The photos above are me having some fun with my initials!

Movement happening?  I hope so!

I think this is a very good use for a quilt already hanging on the wall - I'm using it as a design wall!

And there is that pussy cat again.  He is nearly right.  I might have to cut him again - not sure.  Any ideas would be really welcome.

Dijanne, I hope you don't mind - I gave cutting your tree a really good go!  It's not nearly as good as your sketch but I think I will keep it if it's OK with you.


ozjane said...

Love da puss cat...not so sure about the lines to the left of its face......but we loves dat cat!

Sally Westcott said...

Ta Aunty Glen (I just worked out why I call you that!- How slow am I!),

Thank you. He was hiding behind the maidair fern for a reason! I'm not too sure about either - that's why I might just cut it again! I've got a much better idea of what I'm doing now.

If you're lucky and I'm organised and cam remeember, you might get a little pussy cat for Christmas!

Now there's a target!

Lots of hugz to you and Moggie


Dijanne Cevaal said...

Sally all the linocuts are wonderful- I love your little repeating block- it's very effective and creates a cohesive whole! re the pussycat- if you do cut again maybe shorten the line for the nose a little?- and bringing down the lin eunder the left eye . And my tree sketch was inspired by Albrecht Durer ( though mine is no match, but i was interested by how he used lines for his etchings)- my hero!- so thank him.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

You have been busy. I have signed up for the lino cutting course too, BUT, have not had time yet to play. My half term holiday is coming up soon, so I hope to get a wiggle on then.

Sherrin said...

Wow! It all look great. I atually really like the cat just as it is. I think it would look too intense if there was no 'texture' to the side.

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