Sunday, November 01, 2009

October Journal

Now this is getting a bit silly. Nothing happens for nearly two weeks and then I finish two journals in two days!

This is my interpretation of the October theme "The Other Side".

Two answers!

1. Positive / negative The leaves are presented in both positive and negative form.

2. Autumn/Spring On one side of the quilt are autumn leaves, very orangy brown and looking very brittle.  This is another lino print.  The same lino I used in Deco Leaves. I've heavily quilted the back ground of the leaves.

On the back of the quilt are the Spring leaves, bright green and soft. I have achieved this using Inktense pencils, to lightly colour the quilt lines from "the other side".

This little quilt is the first time I have publicly used my artists monogram.

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Erica Spinks said...

Sally, this gorgeous! I love what you've done with the pencils on the leaves.

Robbie said...

Sally, the leafs are great! I've printed and quilted mine as well and just love them. I haven't used my monogram on a quilt yet but have stamped with it in my altered book(s). Love the colors you printed with these. Nice job!

Annie said...

Love the leaves and what a great effect on the back of the quilt

Faye said...

Sally, this is gorgeous, I love it...
cheers -

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