Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Feathers

Yesterday I bought a new cutting tool to go with my other lino cutters.  Of course I had to try it out immediately.  There was a feather sitting on my desk (doesn't everyone have a feather sitting on their desk?).  It sat there very still and posed for it's portrait to be done.  The new cutter is brilliant - it makes a deep,very narrow cut very easily.

Here is the little quilt I've made with the prints.  I used a pearly silver fabric paint and gold fabric paint.  I think it has worked out well for a project that just grew as I went along.

Once again, my Friday Flaunt doesn't have its binding on.  That's a job for this evening after dinner while I watch the cricket.

"Five Feathers"  14" x 23"
lino print, free motion quilted.


aubirdwoman said...

oh I love those, you are so inspiring.
another Cricket Fanatic ?

Robbie said...

Wow..feathers are beautiful!! Such detail!!! Great job..Dijanne would be proud!

Linda Robertus said...

This is beautiful Sally! I love it. The feather stamp would make a nice postcard too. Care for a postcard swap? ;-)
Merry Christmas!

cinzia said...

I am again jealous of your creativity. the feather quilt looks great.

linda stokes said...

Great lino block & lovely print Sally! The metallics work well on the dark background.

jayne4craft said...

Looks terrific Sally ...good to see you are progressing with the lino cutting/printing inspire me to get active and make my creative thoughts a many ideas so little time ...but I am on holidays now so what this space...what was the lino tool you bought??

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