Sunday, January 03, 2010

Been on Holiday!

We've been caravaning for a week! I left all my sewing at home even though I had some hand sewing ready to take with me. I decided I would just take some "stop" space and relax. I did!

We travelled with 3 other couples - two with caravans and one couple with a tent. We "circled our wagons" and had a wondeful time for a whole week!

We went to St Helens on the East coast! Our camp site was amazing! Our caravan backed up onto the biggest twisted willow I have ever seen! I took these photos of the tree.

This is a little gum tree seen through the branches of the twisted willow.  So much texture.
  It had a lot of character too.
Inspiration everywhere!

This is our camp site.  We had 4 sites together so the whole central space was ours and we used every square inch of it!  I took this photo on New Years Eve - You can see no people anywhere because the temperature was 36C (97F)!  They are all hiding under the willow.  We don't get days that hot very often so it was all a bit too hot (we did play golf tho).  That was just silly!  I bailed out after 5 holes but the rest played on and came home with the prizes.

On the way home, yesterday, I took this photo out of the window of the car as we were moving!  The texture of the clouds was amazing. This is The Hazard Mountains on Freycinet Penninsula on the East Coast of Tasmania.  The whole mountain range is make of red granate.  I think we were near Spikey Bridge when I took this.  I had no idea whether I would get the shot or not, but it worked!

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Lynda B said...

Your pictures are amazing Sally, sounds like such a lovely holiday. It is good sometime to take a break from EVERYTHING. I think it makes you more enthusiastic when you can get your hands on fabric again!! LOL Thanks for sharing.

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