Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gelatine plates - How to!

I just recieved a lovely comment from Fran C. Asking how I have done the gelatine plate monoprints.  Instead of me re-inventing the wheel, the best thing I can do is refer you to the website of a Textile artist, Linda Germain.  Not only does she tell how to make the plates, she has YouTube video of the "how to" as well.

This is where I learnt how to do it!

And to answer your other question Fran  - the feathers did not begin with feathers  They are cicad fronds.  I used them as a mask and then took a second print from the plate to pick up the paint left by the mask.


1 comment:

Fran C said...

Thanks for your answer Sally. Will go to the site and look at the technique. Always looking for something different to try. We don't have a garden here at the unit as we share, anything in pots we would have to leave behind.

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