Saturday, January 23, 2010


One of the yahoo groups I belong to is having an ATC swap based on the Elements.

We had our first swap before Christmas. The theme was Elements - Earth.

Here are the beautiful ATC's I recieved from around the world!

I think it is amazing that 11 people can be given the same topic and they can produce the most diverse range of ATC's, all true to that theme!

The next theme is Elements - Wind

Here are my little quilts ready to be sent to the US for swapping!  I have hand dyed the fabric, then lino printed the background.  (The same lino I used for the first swap).  I cut a tiny lino of the Japanese character for wind, printed it onto handdyed purple and appliqued it onto each of the cards!

I am really please with the lino!  it was the hardest lino I've cut to date!


bennie and patsy said...

Hi Sally I posted my ATC'S the other day and people just don't know what they are.I am not active with a group anymore just keep up with few people.

Paxton said...

I know it is not leather but from the photos your little quilts look like leather. Absolutely love your Japanese wind character - gives it just that extra special something to complete an already lovely quilt. You sure are someone special, Sally! Love watching the work you produce! Totally awsome and inspiring.

Nia Tilley said...

These are just beautiful Sally, you are so clever.

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