Monday, January 18, 2010

A sneak Peek!

I have had the best day today!

It was supposed to be my first day back at work, but I worked for two days last week so I could have today off! (And next Monday to make a 4 day weekend).

I wanted today off so I could go to the Monday meeting of a quilt group I belong to (a very new member!). I usually can only get to the Evening meeting, so it was a real treat to be able to meet some of the other emembers. Show and Tell was just brilliant. It wonderful the see what other people with a like mind are doing.

I came home all inspired!

Yesterday I started something that I wasn't happy with - curved piecing that started to twist! Grrrrr! I put it to one side and started something else with one of the strips from the first project and the off cuts from the curves. A bit of cheesecloth later and some deft scissor work. Wasn't happy with that either! Hummmmmm!

When I came home I looked at the two unloved projects and decided to put them together. It worked!

This a little bit of the big picture.

More later once I've quilted it.  All the fabrics apart from the cheescloth, are Lisa Walton hand dyes.  They are from one of her scrap bags and some left oversfrom another project I've finished.  Once again, Thank You Lisa for the most amazing fabric!


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Paxton said...

I look forward to seeing the end product! You are like a lucky dip, Sally. One always waits in anticipation of what you are going to come up with next - and you never disappoint!

Maybe I can see the real article tomorrow (pushing my luck here LOL)?

Karen said...

I like it Sally!

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