Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Flaunt

This is the quilt top I started at the workshop with Lisa Walton, last weekend. It is 16" x 16". There are two more rings to go around it and then it will be finished.  I didn't touch it this week.  I was a busy girl! 

I went from all that amazing colour and freedom to making 5 black faux  fur shrugs and 5 black faux fur clutches!  They are for a wedding this weekend. My baby daughter's best friend is getting married and "Little One" offered me to make them!  I must admit I have had fun.  The pattern was a bag that contained shrug that one of their other friends had worn at her wedding! (That one was not faux!).  So I had to start from scratch and draft a pattern!  EEEEK!  I did it but it was very stressful because The fur I was given was all there was!  No room for stuff-ups!  GRRRRRRR!

Beautiful Bernina was a very good girl and sewed the faux fur beautifully, but now she needs a huge de-fluffing!  So does the rest of the house!  My laptop screen was covered in fur bits this morning!  I hope the fluff hasn't infested the inside of the laptop!  Could be ugly.

I'll post a couple of photos of the shrugs after the wedding.



ArtGirl/California/United States said...

o wow!!!! what incredible, pure colors! so lovely - and inspiring!

TextileAddict said...

I think this is great and love the design and colours

aubirdwoman said...

once again so inspirational

cinzia said...

What delightful colours from the **star** on Lisa's blog :)

Look forward to seeing the finished product.

Isn't it wonderful when your children have such faith in your skills they 'offer you' to their friends. Certain everyone would have been very happy with the results.

Karen said...

Excellent quilt top Sally!

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