Thursday, April 01, 2010

Zentangles again!

We have finally moved. I wasn't going to take time off work, because we thought we had all points covered!  Ha ha!  If it could go wrong it did!  Murphy was well and truely following our every step!  That was Monday. The removalists  moved too fast, so Sweet Pea (DH )lost control of where boxes and furniture were going.   Lots of "stuff" was left behind, and we still had to deal with Our Mums' (collective) stuff!

Tuesday was the day the cleaners (house, window and carpet) were supposed to be coming in.  No way were we ready so I organised to take Tuesday off work.  Thank goodness it was Summer Sports Day at school, so the boss said "Yes".

I don't think I've ever worked so hard.  We started at 7.30am, loading cars and trailers, unloading at the other end!  The cleaners turned out to be one cleaner!  The poor girl took one look at the size of the house and rang her boss with a plea for help!  (the house is 50 squares!  3 bathrooms, one powder room, four bedrooms, formal living, formal dining, childrens retreat and family room! Oh, and the kitchen has two ovens!)  No help was forth coming so I did what I could to help.  At 7pm I was cleaning the kitchen and pantry cupboards!

Finally it was all done!  I then went to the new house and tried to find the kitchen so I could cook dinner.  I made a quick Thai Green Curry and by midnight I had found the kitchen benches - a start.

Now I'm surrounded by boxes and furniture (most of which is in the wrong place!), trying to work out where to put it all.  The new house is only 15 squares!

My sewing machines are buried deep!  I won't be sewing, l think, for a while!  Why is it that you get all the best inspiration when there is no way you can do anythink about it!

Ah well!  At least I have my sketch book and my pens.


maggi said...

Moving house is always traumatic but you must be exhausted after all that. Thank goodness you have something to help you to relax.

Penny said...

What a move, are you ever going to find places for everything? It still doesnt bear thinking about but I know one day we will too.
As you say, thank goodness for pens and sketchbooks.

Robbie said...

Don't you just love moving! Other than getting items out of the house you wouldn't normally get rid's a BUSY, exhausting time for sure! Love the zentangles!!

Robbie said...

Sally, I know you are busy but in your free time stop by my blog and pick up your award! You've been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award. You don't have to follow all the rules/instructions if you don't want to.

Jan said...

Hi, I just surfed over from Robbie's blog to see what you do. Your zentangles are great! They look 3 dimensional! Nice work.

ozjane said...

Oh least you are can only improve from now.
I have just remembered I owe you something to add to that pile of goodies. I have a head like a sieve.

Del said...

Moving - the dread of my life. I'm glad I don't have to face it right now. What are "squares" - as in "the new house is only 15 squares"? Del in SCalifornia

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