Sunday, November 14, 2010

We are on the move again!

Can you see the two windows with the grape vive between them?  I'm so excited!  They are the two windows in my new studio that look out over our beautiful new garden.  The roof of the studio is a huge sun deck.

This is my work room in my new studio!  There is already "stuff" in there and a "shed" more to come.

This is just so exciting - I'm tired though!  I moved two huge car fulls of stuff today.   My car is a big Rav4 - that is a lot of stuff. I'll pack the car again tonight to move after work tomorrow!

This room is going to be my stash storage and, maybe, my design wall, maybe not! 

The light is good in here.

There are cupboards all over the place.

Here is the bonus!  I have a full bathroom in my studio.  I would love to be able to rinse fabric after I have dyed it but I think I might make too much mess!

 I just love this kitchen!  How much fun am I going to have in here?  I have space!  I have a proper hob and oven.

The fridge has an icemaker.  Humm - that could be interesting over summer.

The garden is beautiful!    This photo is taken from about half way down to the back fence.  We have 4 veggie patches, rose gardens, 10 fruit trees and a whole heap of amazing plants! 

Time to smell the roses!




Fran C said...

You are going to have so much fun in this area, so much room. and the garden is lovely.

Wil Opio Oguta said...

What a wonderful place!! I envy you. Enjoy it!!

Erica Spinks said...

Looks fantastic Sally. May you have many happy hours in your new home.

Annette said...

Oh Sally what a gorgeous new studio, can't wait to see what wonderful new creatiions you come up with in there..
I spy your glass cases full of interesting objects...a girl after my own heart..

Linda said...

What a lovely space! The light looks perfect and the areas are perfect, waiting to be filled with your tools. How marvelous for you. Please be sure to show us "after" pictures too. said...

Absolutely one will see you again.
Unless the garden or kitchen tempt you.

Anonymous said...

Your new home and studio look great Sally. Enjoy.

Lindi said...

Oh wow, Sally! What a great house and fabulous space. Do you think you would notice me if I moved in, too? lol

See you soon! :)

LOL My word verification is paring - something you won't need to do with all that space!

Penny said...

I thought you had downsized, now you really seem to have upsized! I COULD NEVER LIVE IN A SMALL SPACE, THIS LOOKS WONDERFUL. ( sorry about the capitals, not going to re do though!)

Robbie said...

How wonderful for you!! But may I ask, what's a HOB??

linda said...

It looks fabulous Sally - you'll be unstoppable!

I am Jane Monk - said...

It looks good Sally ... a lovely space to create!

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