Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've been busy!

I've been very quiet on my blog recently! Sorry Reader! I've been very busy with deadlines and unpacking.

I did manage to finish the quilt I showed you a few weeks ago (well almost finished - I took it to the meeting and discovered that I should have had it ready to hang (with all the hanging bits and pieces)) Bugger! Fortunately there is a little time left to deal with those details but that needs to be done by after Christmas - Phew! We have even been invited to make another piece if we so wish. Now there is a temptation.

This week has been really frantic!

Monday was the delivery of the above mentioned quilt.

Tuesday (yesterday) was my Firstborn daughter's graduation! You have no idea how proud I am of her! She has done an amazing job to finish her Bachelors Degree with the offer of Honours next year and care for her family at the same time. That would be two very small children and a wonderful, shift working husband! (He deserves a Degree too!)

Today has been our school end of year BBQ. The senior staff have catered a beautiful lunch for the rest of us. We have said farewell to some long standing staff members (one has been at the school for 38 years!)

When I had a few minutes over the last few days I have been busy making Christmas Gifts for my Grand Babies.

These two photos are journal covers I have made for the two eldest of the tribe.  That would be two down and 6 and a small one left to make.

Why do I run head long into deadlines all the time?  


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Robbie said...

Journal covers are BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you use one of your lino stamps? Just wonderful. And congrats to your daughter too. Mine will be completing her masters this week! It's been a long time coming but we 'mums' can be very proud of them can't we.

Chris said...

I love these covers! What a beautiful gift.

Chris said...

Gorgeous, Sally, and I love the new look of your graphics- well done! Cx

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