Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sketching and another journal cover

This is journal number three - for Grand Daughter number three!  She is nearly 9 so I really hope she likes it!

I think she is ready for something like this. The 15 yo and the 14yo should like theirs.  Fingers crossed.

The problem is "What to give to the little Grand boys?" Now I think I have an idea -  I'll let you know if it works.

I used a commercial batik for this cover - the colours aren't true - it is more purple than blue and the coloured splodges are butterflies.  It really zings in real life.  (I wonder why my computer doesn't like purple?  I do!  (Like purple that is)

I've been having a little creative fun with my sketch book!  These two photos are of the same page!  I cut two of the original pages out and inserted a new, A4, page  (the sketchbook is A5).

The other side of the added page!  That big black bird is still around.  One of my commentators suggested it could be a black swan.  You know. I think that is what it is! 

Just look what appeared on the next page.......

I think she really is a big black swan!

Someone else said (that would be you Chris) that having a lovely big garden would take away sewing time!  She is right.  Sweet Pea (DH) and I have spent the whole weekend in the garden making it our own!


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Penny said...

A very elegant black swan. Yes gardening does take time but it is also really enjoyable. I cant wait for my knee to be good enough for me to be able to get back to weeding!!

Robbie said...

Journal cover is beautiful..and I'm so impressed with your drawings/journal...just wonderful pages!!!

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