Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blackbird in My Garden

Blackbird in My Garden

9" x 10"

Wood Block Print, free motion quilted, hand painted

I made this little quilt last night, after I go home from work.  I posted it off to America this morning to be part of the SAQA Trunk Show.  It will be on the road in the US for a year.  At the end of the tour, 50 of the little quilts will be chosen to be part of a permanent collection.  Fingers crossed!

I've come to the conclusion that if you don't put your work out there, no-one knows you are there!



dióhéj said...

The last sentence I agree. I like this bird.

Annette said...

Yes Sally I agree with your last statement too!! Well done on wipping up that little quilt so quickly.

Robbie said...

How true about work getting out there. I love this piece! VERY nice

Paxton said...

Too true, Saddle, too true! I will keep my fingers crossed too!
Good luck!

Chris said...

Well done, Sally, and you DO have to tell people!! (Even though these birds are the bane of my gardening life!)I really like the piece, especially the way you've varied the background lino. Cx

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