Sunday, February 20, 2011

Working with Fabric again!

Today I finally got back into my studio and created. Really it all started yesterday when we (Hutchins Quilters) had our first get together for the year.  We sewed a lot and we laughed til it hurt!  Our theme for lunch was Italian.  Yum!  I forgot to ta photos of our lunch but I did find this little fellow taking great interest in what we were doing.  I think he ended up joining in!

This is the little quilt I sandwiched and quilted while we laughed and chatted.
Today I put the backing and the facing on to it today.

This is the first of six (I'm going to make 12) challenge quilts for a group I belong to.  We are making quilts based on other counties in the world - not Australia and they have to be 12 x 12..  That is the only criteria.  A very open ended challenge.  I have decided on a theme of rock art.  This one is Sweden.

There are Viking long boats, Otter people and a man with a hunting horn.

This little quilt is a completely different story. 

I have joined a group of eight (?) others who are printers.  This is my first "page", I hope.

He is a wood cut.  I do hope he is up to scratch.  I will find out soon.  I will be making 11 of him!


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