Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a ride 2011 was - Bring on 2012!

My word for 2010 was Experimentation

My word for 2011 was Expansion

Well I think in 2010 I played heaps and learnt lots!

2011! Wow - What a year! I did expand (in more ways than one but that is another story). I kept playing but I expanded my horizons. Off to the US I travelled - two of my quilts were there and I had to see them. I made lots of new friends and went places I didn't ever expect to see.
We have settled into our new house and are getting better at taming the huge garden (which I still love). My studio has been re arranged 3 times and it still needs to be tweaked to work properly, but it is close to just right!

In some ways 2011 was a bit like a curate's egg - some parts were excellent and other parts were not so good - but we have both survived to the 31 December!  Sweet Pea is nearly at the end of his chemo and all is looking good!  I've got 3 weeks holiday in front of me for resting and re grouping and creating!

Bring on 2012!  But what is my word for 2012?
I think it will be "consolidation".  I need to stay home and learn and grow from all my experiences last year!

What is your word for 2012?



marja-leena said...

Consolidation sounds good. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!

(I am sorry we missed seeing each other - did you not come to Vancouver after all?)

Penny said...

I like consolidation, mine is survive. Just hope this coming year is better than the last, but I am determined to have fun through it and hope maybe a trip away and lots of new things to do and play with. Perhaps time should come into it some where as well. Have a great 2012 and lots more creating and fun and your dh is fully recovered.

Robbie said...

The very best to you and your family for 2012! I'll have to think of what my word would be!

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