Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Working in my sketch book

I needed to get my creativity back.  I've been sewing - I have made a wall quilt for our bedroom and I've been thinking lots about stuff to come.  I have started (finally) the quilt for our bed.  Still, something was missing!  My designing skills seemed to still be on summer holiday.  Bugger!  So what do I do about that?  I was looking around at work the other day a saw my two little, dried, native poppy seed heads sitting quietly on top of one my filing cabinets and I thought  - I could paint one of them!  Well, 30 mins later this is what I did!  I'm happy! 

Then I went through my photos and found this little fellow.  How sweet is he?  He was going to be a test for my "seriously not trained" water colour skills.  I decided to give him a go - painted from a photo - I think I got his vague look!  He really is only about 1/2 inch long!   Did I succeed?  I think I might have just done it.  Not technically correct but he does look like a little green frog anyway!

This beautiful Raven I found on a walk around the waterfront when I went for a long look around the shore while I was in Vancouver in November last year.  He was a cheeky bird ans was watching me while I took photo after photo of him.  He just came closer and closer.  By the time I took this photo, I could have reached out and patted him.

He was very small compared to the ravens we have here but he was a lot more friendly than our natives!

I might have just found my creative mojo again!



Lindi said...

Well done! I have been sketching my dried lotus seeds as part of the sketch book challenge...dried seed pods are so fascinating! I like your frog...and your raven, too.

Jill said...

Hi Sally, I really have enjoyed looking through your block - you have made some wonderful quilts. Laura is my tutor. I am really looking forward to some quilt making, I am a complete novice in this field.

Jill said...

Sally, that should say blog, not block!! And thank you for your kind comment.

Robbie said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I can't even draw stick men to look like stick men!! VERY nice work!!! You've got your mojo back!

Robin Mac said...

I agree, you have definitely got your mojo back. The frog has character, much more important than being technically correct. I like the seed head and the raven too. Cheers

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