Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Carving lino and wood!

This will be an interesting experiment!  I have cut 3, 12 x 12 linos!  My idea is that they will work as a unit (that would be a 3 foot x 1 foot print and 3  12" x 12" stand alone prints!).  The photo is the lino cuts!  I'm really nervous about the printing!  I will have to get the registration just so!

Please wish me luck!  I'll print on Saturday-I hope!

Pomegranates in wood!  I will print this as well!

I have no idea why I started to carve again but that is what the muse says I will do!  She seems to know what I should be doing!  I will just go with the flow.  I will not inflict on you the photo of the left thumb - too much blood where the carving tool paid a visit!



lisette said...

oh sally they are beautiful objects in themselves! they're so finely carved - can't wait to see what sort of prints you get

Robbie said...

these are wonderful, Sally!!!! I'm so impressed with your artistic abilities!!! I can't do the lino cut work or wood. Too hard on this old RA hands...but give me rubber and I'm in! Can't wait to see your prints!!!!

Penny said...

These are so beautifully done. I cant do such fine work but the arthritic hands only allow me to use easy cut these days, snd that doesnt allow such fine work. I am sure the prints will be beautiful.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sally. Your linocuts are interesting by themselves. I'll be especially interested in seeing your pomegranate prints since I have a pomegranate tree quilt growing in my studio.
best, nadia

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