Sunday, May 20, 2012

The SAQA Blog Hop Continues and I got some play time!

This is what my design wall looks like tonight! I got to play today in my studio! Actually I ran away for a few hours - this will be my "go to" space for a while I think!

This week has been a little stressfull.  We have a new house member - a 16 year old Grand daughter has come to live with us!  A long story but I am happy that she wants to be here.  A whole new learning curve for a Wally (Nanny Wally)!  We will have fun I think - and I guess a few hiccups, but that is par for the course for teenagers and any sort of authority. 

We will be cool!  She is a good kid.

Please cross your fingers for me!  (We have chocolate muffins for school lunches in the pantry, courtsey of said teenager!  Good start!  They smell great!).

Oops - yesterday I forgot to post that Pam Holland showed us here studio in the most beautiful video, as part of the SAQA Blog hop (Road  Trip).  She is just so clever and talented!  The video is a must see!  I just love her work.


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Anonymous said...


Love the attic window in the design wall ... looks like there is a hole in the wall for it! You just need to tidy up the loose threads.

Judy B

Annette said...

Yep chocolate muffins are a good start.. it's never to early to learn rules of life..

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