Friday, May 04, 2012

The SAQA Blog Hop (Road Trip) is on the move again tomorrow!  Lisa Walton's studio is open for inspection in the morning.  I've been there and I am very envious!  Lisa has an amazing place to work and play in!

Mean while I have been playing in my sketchbook again !

 The theme for May on the Sketchbook Challenge Blog is Fruit and Vegetables - that is right up my alley!  I love drawing/painting them.

Pommegranates - Water colour - Very Happy!

This is a Queensland Blue pumpkin.  I have sketched this one with watercolour pencils.  I then started to use the brush back into it and I didn't like the effect so I've just left it looking vaguely electric!  

I'm not really happy with this sketch but I am showing you all the stuff I'm creating (warts and all)!

Now this one!  I am so happy with!  This little pea pod is still a baby - it was almost transparent it was so new.  You can even see the remnants of the flower.  The little peas inside were so small they didn't show.



Heather said...

Wonderful sketches Sally. I am very uptight about drawing but keep having a go every now and then.

Amanda said...

Great sketches! Love the pea especially.

It's tempting to say fruit or veg on the textile Face Book group thing but Sketchbook is already covering it! lol

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