Monday, May 14, 2012

SAQA Oceania Blog Hop (Road Trip) My Turn!

Now that  I've seen all the other studios I'm starting to feel totally messy! I am totally messy!

Here is the Summer view of the outside of my play space.  I walk down into my studio from our living room.

That little flat roof just to the left of the yellow rosebuds is my studio.  The view from the windows is so green in spring and summer and golden and red in autumn.

My Studio is a Granny Flat off the living room of our house - yes I have a really nice bathroom attached to my studio.  It isn't large enough to be a wet area but I do have running water.  My wet area is the kitchen - not ideal but in summer I have a big paved area under the oak tree (in the photo above) that I use for dyeing and printing.  The back yard is a perfect spot for wet play.

On the left, in this view, is my design wall and on the right is my inspiration wall!  The ironing board is in front of the design wall here, but that is a moving feast!  It just goes where it needs to be.  The table in the centre is my cutting/printing table.  My couch is behind the cutting table and my favourite magazines are on the bookcase beside that.

This is the view you see when you get past the "Guard Cat" at the top of the stairs.  

Here is the room that has all my "go to" stuff!  Fabric, books, sewing machines (7 of them live in here, in the little bath in the bathroom), over lockers (x 2), batting, paper making stuff, spare irons, the treadle sewing machine, the gocco printing machines and paraphernalia -  the list just goes on! 

This is the store room really - the "what will I do today" space.

This little corner at the bottom of the stairs is where the beads, pencils (watercolour, charcoal, drawing, marking etc) live.  Some of my fabric paints are here too because I haven't found them a home yet.  The draws have all my stencils and stamps in them.  To the left are my paint brushes, rollers and others stuff for making marks on fabric.  The top shelf has artist canvas just waiting!

Bottom left (in the corner) is the cat spot! Food!  All good studios have a cat - mine is just a bit paranoid!

This messy space is technology space.  I quilt with the DVD player working.

In this corner is the TV, DVD, Net book, printer, iPad, refrigerator (bar fridge under the printer),  cottons (wooden catalogue draws from the 1930's that belonged to my Dad once upon a time), speaker and my glass of wine!

Looking at these photos I am realising just how messy my work space is but I just love it. When I tidy up I can't find anything and I get very frustrated and I walk away.

The board in front of my beautiful Bernina is full of the things that inspire me and the stuff that I want to take further.

My cutting table as a printing table - it works for me!  All my rulers are in a rack I bought in a stationary supply shop.  There must be over 30 rulers of varying kinds stored at the back of the table.

I do hope you have enjoyed a little look at my messy work space.  Next time you visit it will look totally different!  It depends on what I am doing!



Robbie said...

Your 'space' doesn't really look messy!!! It's looks very creative and a wonderful place to work! Now we all know why you do such wonderful work!! It's all done in your creative space!!
I also recognize 'Purple Rain'!! I forgot you purchased that piece!

Robbie said...

I also really like the look of your blog now too!!! Forgot to tell you in my comment above!

Annette said...

Great studio space, I'm with you, I like a bit of mess. I am feeling rather inadequate while seeing and reading these studio hops. I only have two machines, one very old singer and one newish janome.. :( I can see I need to rectify that.... :)

Downunderdale said...

Fabulous Sally -

lisette said...

what a lovely space! and i don't know how you're supposed to be creative of everything is put away - once things are in cupboards or drawers i forget they exist :)

your garden looks really lovely too
hugs f

Sue Dennis said...

What a great studio space- I think this blog hop shows we are all different and it doesn't matter- the work matters.

Anonymous said...

I'm here via Sue D.

Yours is the first I've visited, now I have to work back to catch up with the rest.

Lovely work space. Lovely blog too, your swan from earlier in the week is great.

Heather (aka Kanerva)

Fran C said...

A lovely bright space to work in. Everything has it's place. No, NO NO never tidy up, whenever I do I spend days looking for items and the room is not tidy anymore.

Linda Stokes said...

I don't think your work areas look messy - they look like they are being used well which is what they are for. To me a pristine studio means not much happening! Obviously quite a lot happens in your studio! you're lucky to have such beautiful surroundings too.

ozjane said...

love that garden view.

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful workspace Sally, as the others have said, a tidy workspace means nothing happening! I have only just discovered this blog-hop and shall now have to find all the previous entries. Cheers.ndsO

Judy said...

Sally, lovely place to work.

bearlytherecreations said...

Well You will love mine then girl!!! Its way messier than anyone so far!lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blog posts about Oceania to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you :)

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