Sunday, August 05, 2012

A catchup! Oops - where did the weekend go!

I got a little left behind!

I have had the best weekend in my studio - playing with paper.  I made paper quilts and they worked.  I was suprised.  A learning curve.

My photos for August were taken but the camera didn't find its way to the computer.

August 4

Somewhere I sat and I sit in that spot as often as I can! 

The poor sewing machine, on Saturday, took up two pairs of trousers!  She is still in shock!  I don't blame her - I am too.

One of my daughters saw this photo today and commented that it is tidy!  Clever photography!


August 5

A Logo

This is my Logo.  I've been reading a little about "signing" art work lately.  There seems to be a bit of "ponse" happening!  "No - we don't do that"! We I do - I have designed a monogram - I put it somewhere on all my work - sometimes on the back, sometimes on the front!  It says who I am and this is what I made.


1 comment:

MulticoloredPieces said...

OK, I'm quite curious--when do we get to see the paper quilts? I've tried a bit of sewing on paper lately for my sketchbook, but I'm not particularly enamored by it.
best, nadia

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