Saturday, April 23, 2005

I have a design wall

I bit the bullet today and finally made a design wall.

For the last 2 years I have been using my daughters eightball table as my design platform. It has worked OK but it was really difficult to stand back a have a really good look at what I was doing.

My sewing room is 18' x 18'. Gee spoiled or what! I love it (of course it's a big mess, but it's my mess and I know where everything is so I don't care).

It's a really strange shape (lots of curved walls (I really must learn how to do curved piecing) and windows every where). The light is brilliant but the wall space is a bit limited. I bought 4 meters of white flannel and a heap of self adhesive velcro dots - a quick rip and sew, lo and behold - a design wall, 2 meters x 1.5 meters, that really works! I need a step stool to get to the top 2 feet of it but I don't care - at least I can now stand back to see what I'm doing.

The first project on the wall is a "Monet's Water Lillies". I guess the whole quilting world has tried this before but I want to give it a go! So far, so good - 200 1" pieces in place (humm - only 2300 more to go). Why do I always take big bites out of every idea I have? I'm learning lots and lots about how Claude Monet used his brush! What an amazing man! I will spent months on a quilt to recreate a painting that he would have painted in a much shorter time.

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