Saturday, April 23, 2005

I did play golf - well sort of!

I forgot to mention that I played golf last Sunday!

Well I tried to - what I really did was play putt putt golf. There is no back swing - no follow through - and worst of all - no direction! And on Monday I could hardly use my left arm, my shoulder muscles were screaming and I was not a happy little golfer! It's just not fair!

After nine months of being a good girl and doing what the Doctors have told me to do (NOTHING!) I think it's time to do my own thing and get some serious help - I want to play golf! - I want to be able to reach my stash without having to use a step stool1 - I want to be able to wash my hair without dislocating my AC joint! Gee - what I really want is my body back in good working order!

I did say this was a diary of my life as a quilting golfer didn't I? Or is that a golfing quilter?

I love having two passions. One keeps me fit (when I can do it)and the other keeps me mentally agile. You work out which is which!

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