Sunday, April 24, 2005

Should I do this?

As I said yesterday, I've decided to make a "Monet" quit!

Oh Dear - should I do this - the plan I've drawn is for a quilt made up from nearly 2500 1/2" pieces!

I started yesterday, after I put up my new design wall! That was a great start! When I got up this morning there was the "wall" very neatly draped hanging from one anchor point and the rest of it on the floor and 300 little pieces of fabric in a mess strew in a 2 meter radius on the floor as well! Lesson learnt - Velcro dots aren't strong enough. bugger! Bite the bullet and put the hooks into the ceiling beams, a 2.4 metre piece of dowel and an hanging sleeve on the flannel - back to square one and start again! If it falls down this time I'll just give up and go back to the eightball table or if all else fails - the floor!

I've started again with my little bits of amazing fabric.There are now 400 little pieces attached to it and I think it is looking good (not biased at all). I hadn't realised how many shades of green there are! I've learnt a good lesson though - don't get too "cute". If you are working with "pixels" go with the dominant colour - don't try to find "just the right piece" - just go with the dominant colour. Stand back 6 feet and look at the effect it has! Awesome!

This quilt is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of frustration! I'm getting very excited about it! Why am I already starting to think about how I am going to quilt it? Sally! Take one step at a time!

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