Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lisa Jane I-8

Pete's Paintbox

I'm really pleased with little block. Foundation pieced. It went together so easily. I think my foundation technique is improving.

I have started another block (I-9) but I'm only half way through it. I've had to detour into making a very quick baby quilt. My younger step daughter is (as I type) having her 4th baby, 3 weeks early! I thought I had that 3 weeks to make the quilt! Ah well. I'll keep you posted!

22,0,0,521 (0,2,2,5)

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Stephanie Newman said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks for your email the other day! I have finally found your blog-what a nice job you are doing with your dj blocks and I do love your journal quilt for May!

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