Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Grand baby

We have a brand new grand daughter. Her name is Ava-Rose and she is tiny (6lb, 2oz). Mum and baby are doing well. The quilt I started on Saturday is almost finished! I have the binding half sewn on!

I'm pleased with it. I've quilted it very heavily. The colours are so not me but should be right for a brand new liitle girl.

This is a picture I took on Tuesday morning at 7 am. The Moon setting over Mt Wellington just before dawn. It took my breath away - just beautiful


ozjane said...

Congratas on the quilt....also the photo.
Bloomin clever with tides and it also steals my sleep.

Sally Westcott said...

Steals mine too! But worth it - I love our mountain!

Julie said...

I love the quilt colours, and I'm certain Ava- Rose will too. Congratulations to all!

Sally Westcott said...


Thanks for the congratulations. The little one was 3 weeks early. - I just wish I could see her! Maybe next week when this flu get better.

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