Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sad Quilt better!

Noah's quilt is better again. New batting and binding and heavily quilted. I think the blue binding looks better than the burgandy one. It was originally the burgandy because I didn't know whether the quilt was for a boy or a girl! 5 years down the track, Noah is most definitely a boy!

I am pleased with the way it had turned out - it's a bit distorted but I think the old wool batting did that . The top is very fine now (it's been washed so often). I did have second thoughts about repairing it but I thought to self - It's worth the work to give it a new life!


Paxton said...

This really lookes great now and I agree that the blue binding does look better - newer!

Neat stuff, Sal!!

aubirdwoman said...

great quilt. I just love those bunnies hopping around the blogs.

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