Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Having fun with jelly!

I have been having fun! My nails are covered in paint, the kitchen is a bit of a mess and the wine is good! I've been monoprinting! I made myself a gelatin plate and just went for it!

How much fun is that! I had to throw it in the bin after I had finished - it fell to pieces but it was fun while it lasted, even as it cracked up.

The evidence!

Some of the product!

I really like this! It is a cicad leaf.

But this one is the best one The GHOST! In real life it looks amazing - so delicate and fine! I'll try to take a better photo later!

I love to cook and I think I'm a reasonably good cook, but this the most fun I've had in the kitchen for ages! I'll post some of the other prints later.


ozjane said...

Oh Sally you take me back to teaching days.
We used this for something??
I do love the fading of memory.....LOL>
We thought it clever and magic at the time. I think it duplicated ...prior to photo copiers. Yes I am that old.

Sally Westcott said...

I was hoping someone would understand why I had so much fun! I wasn't so impressed by the "teacher prep" though! That process was part of my job - Lab tech! so I can prep the plate and do the printing! I think I will do a few more! It is so much fun!

Hugz Glenice

Give Moggie a hug for me


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