Sunday, August 09, 2009

Post cards for 1200th visitors

These two little postcards are about to wing their way all the way to Perth WA. Marion and Bettine arrived on my blog at pretty much the same time and one of them was my 1200th visitor. I couldn't work out who was who so they both get one. I do hope you like them.

The fans are foundation pieced and are based on a quilt made by Lisa Walton, called Spiked Fans, from memory. I bought the kit from Lisa years ago (at the Sydney Scquilter's Retreat I think). I didn't get around to making the whole quilt but I have played with some elements of it. Sorry Lisa, I discovered that I can't make quilts from patterns - I get too bored and want to do my own thing. The fabric from the kit is being put to good use though. I'm using some for my Lisa Jane (Dear Jane) quilt and the border my June Journal Quilt is some of it as well - the yummiest pale green!

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ozjane said...

clever cookie. Go girl.
My fingers were going to call you a filly then.....but I rebuked them.

Dijanne Cevaal said...

HI Sally
I tried to contact you through your profile- but it wouldn't let me email you. my email is dcevaalatgamildotcom- use symbols for at and com.

Love your gelatin plate printing!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

oops make that dcevaalatgmaildotcom

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