Sunday, August 09, 2009

June Journal Quilt - Off Centre

The June theme is Centre. I have called the quilt "Off Centre"

I've finally finished my June journal for Aus/NZ Art Quilters. I've taken myself a long way away from my normal zone of comfort.

I racked my brains, to no avail. I couldn't think of anything. Then, last week I did some mono prints using a gelatin plate and this piece of painted fabric jumped out of the pile I made and said "pick me!"

The photo above and below are detail s of the stitching! I'm still having lots of fun with Susan Briscoe's books. I now own 3 of them. This week I bought "The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook".


Gelatin mono print, over printed with the mask I used.

Sashiko, Hitomezashi stitches.

And here is the finished product, hanging on the wall in our family room. I think I might leave it there. It looks right at home!

I mentioned in my last post about this little quilt that I was going to have to cut it! Well I did and I just couldn't bear to throw the off cuts out so I included them in the backing!


Al said...

Oh, Sally - it is SOOO beautiful..... you are so clever and talented! I think it looks fantastic hanging up. Brilliant job!

cat in tassie said...

I love this little quilt, Sally. I've just spent some time looking at your blog and all your lovely work. I think you've inspired me to try gelatin printing - I've done lots of dyeing and I'm just starting to play with painting fabric. Now back to your blog to look some more!

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Al,

Thank you so much for your nice comments.

Susan Briscoe said...

Lovely quilt! Hitomezashi stitches are great for adding texture to quilt projects and kikkou is one of the best for that - if you have a very thick or textured thread, you can use that in the threaded parts too. Thanks for posting the photos.

Nia said...

Hi Sally,

I just love your journal quilt. I love the design and the colours. Can you tell me what the idea of the gelatin plates is. Are you just using them as a flat surface on which to put your paint or do you carve them...??? Did you use a circular one for this?? Sorry about all the questions but you have inspired me to have a go at this too. :) You can contact me via my blog or via the yahoo group. Many thanks Sally.
Thanks for a great blog.

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