Friday, September 11, 2009

Forensics Camp

Linda asked me some interesting questions about the camp. I'll post some of the answers here.

What do the kids do at the camp?

They initially learn basic techniques such as:

- finger printing using both magnetic powders and the "fluffy brush" that you see on CSI.
- Plaster casting - they make a tyre print in sand and then make a cast of the print
- hair identification - they are given a hair and have to match it to a set of sample hairs
- Blood splatter - They play with real blood (animal) too work out which way the blood hit the surface
-Is it blood? Luminol test for blood

That is part of the Camp. They also soil test, use chromatography to work out which pen was used to write the note, look at fibres to identify what the criminal was wearing, Was that glass the bottle that broke at the scene?

So much fun! So much hard work for the lab staff (Me and Sam and Moses) So much more work for the "Bill" - the Boss! We love him!

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Linda Robertus said...

Thanks Sally! Very interesting. I would love to go to your camp!

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