Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Flaunt

This has been a tough flaunt.  I've been watching all the other amazing flaunts, thinking "What have I done this week, apart from work?" (More about that in a min). Then I had a thought.  Here goes.

This week I made the last of my red inchies, sorted them out, bagged them up ready to send off for the swap.  The amazing thing about that is that the swap doesn't have to be ready for another month!  Me that organised!  I am stunned.  I also made 20 purple and green inchies for Del for her Bathurst Bun Fight.  I just hope they got there in time!

So, you ask, What is the flaunt?  This the a photo of the ones that are going no where!!!  They are mine to do with as I wish!  I have a plan in my head.  I will show Progress as it happens.

Just cause I can, I'll tell you about my week.  I have worked 12 days straight, and I'm really happy!  I will flaunt this too!

We have just finished our Forensic Science Camp No 1 for these school holidays.  We have had 23 Year 7 and 8 boys and girls working hard for 3 days trying to solve a crime.  They started on Wednesday morning and they solved it, as a group, late this afternoon.  It has been amazing!  The kids have been focused, and paying attention to amazing detail!  I can't show you photos of the kids doing but I can show you photos of the labs before they started working.  Oops - I've had to show the photos from the last camp because I brought home the wrong camera!  I think I could be a bit tired!

(I love the Hawthorn Jumper - hangs just outside my door! - It's such a shame we are not there this month))

Next  week we have 60 kids doing the same camp all over again! 



Linda Robertus said...

Sally, I love your inchies! So far I have resisted this temptation but I think I will yield soon...
The Forensic Science Camp sounds great. I would love to hear some more about it - what is the crime they are investigating, what clues are there, what do the have to do in the lab?

Sally Westcott said...

Oh gee, Linda, where do I start.

The inchies are so much fun! It's amazing what you find when you make them! Little works of art that you had no idea you were making.

The camp! I have no idea where to start to answer the question about the camp! I post to my blog again with a bit more detail!



aubirdwoman said...

oh now I have someone to bug with emails about inches, as you saw on my blog, I have joined the Christmas one.

Banaghaisge said...

The inchies look fabulous jsut as theya re on that black background (tho I am certain you have grander plans than that for them!!!).
Well done on another successful forensic camp, what great learning opportunities for those kids at that school. Shall have to get Moo enrolled (she is 4 already!).

cinzia said...

The inchies are fantastic. I can tell you emjoy your job.. that's the best way to be.

Sally Westcott said...

Thanks Cinzia. You are right - I really love my job. I'm paid to play. It is amazing watchings kids "Get it!". I'm really tired but very happy. And here comes week 2, Camp 2! EEK!

I am working on a flaunt for next friday. My mono print wave is happening!

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