Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Flaunt

These are the first of my little Lino Printed Owls.  I think they look a little bit like stunned mullets!  

My DD1 has asked me to make DGD (18months) an Owl Quilt for Christmas or her birthday or whenever it's ready (I don't think she trusts me to get it made anytime soon).  DGD is about to move into a big bed and DD has painted her room with a family of owls in a tree, mural.  It looks fantastic.  I just went looking on my computer for a photo of the mural but I seem to have lost it!  Grrrr!  I'll post when I find it!

My little owls will be part of the border for the quilt. 

The rest of my flaunt is a post a made last Sunday -  Lino prints again.  Printing on black totally changes the end result.

I think, this weekend I might do some more gelatine printing with the lino prints.

Does it show that I'm have a lot of fun doing this course with Dijanne ?


aubirdwoman said...

stunning Sally I love the stunned mullets errrr I mean Owls lol.
Seriously I think they are terrific.

Sherrin said...

Your owls are gorgeous! :o)

Robbie said...

Sally, I love your lino prints...I just found your blog...I haven't done much with my lino/matt prints but they are certainly there inspiring me daily! I did start to quilt one..again, I love what you've done and I will now be 'following' your blog! Thanks for the wonderful eye candy!

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