Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lino Landscape

I cut this lino during the week but I didn't get to print it until yesterday.  I wasn't too sure whether it would work because I used a lot of fine cuts.  I think it worked OK except fot this one!  The "blodge" right in the centre is what happens when a little piece of cut lino ends up under the fabric when you make the print!
This one was a little pale but I think I might be able to do something with it when I quilt it.  A bit of thread painting required.
Not too sure about this one either but  it could be called "Mist over Pond"

My very first postcard made from one of my lino prints.  The photo below is better than the one on the cutting mat.  It really is amazing how the back ground can totally change the look of a quilt, even a tiny one.

Would you believe that I started yesterday afternoon with a totally tidy sewing table?  How much chaos can one little person create in no time flat!  I love my table tidy but I seem to work better in a mess.  Ho Hum!



ozjane said...

This is getting overwhelmingly wonderful.
You clever lady....

Robbie said...

Sally, this lino cut is wonderful!! Detail great! Dijanne would be proud! HA

Karen said...

Excellent! Love the colours.

aubirdwoman said...

but if its tidy, you cant find anything, and might miss something you have put away.
Fabulous work.

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