Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Flaunt

My goodness. I haven't blogged for nearly 2 weeks! How bad is that?

Truth is I haven't been doing anything much. Earlier this week I did do some gelatine plate printing. I really had to push myself to do it because I made the plate over a week before and I hadn't used it! My creative impulse seemed to have disappeared!

Any way, doing the printing got me going again. The photo (a very bad one) is the start of my September journal quilt. The theme is "whimsey"! I think that is where I got bogged down. What an incredibly hard word to define. One of the monoprints I did was this one - the butterflies on a green back ground. In real life the green is quite bright and a lot more yellow than the photo. I'll try to fix the photo later.

The frog on the leaf is a little lino print I did a few weeks ago.

He seems to me to be floating down stream on his little leaf, hanging on for dear life, while the butterflies are blissfully, fluttering up stream!

When I finish the binding I'll add some hand embroidery and beading.

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Banaghaisge said...

Maybe they are flying tadpoles, heading upstream to turn in to grown up frogs...
Howzat for whimsy?
Lovely flaunt, btw!

aubirdwoman said...

Its all in the mind Sally.

Call it Whimsy.... and it is Whimsy.

fabulous especially the frog.

Excellent flaunt.

Julie said...

Looks wonderful to me! I am in awe of you 'art' quilters!

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