Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Flaunt

My goodness! It's Friday and I'm Flaunting! - It's not Saturday! Yeah!

Not much in the way of sewing happened this week. Last weekend I had to put all my sewing stuff away because we were having a spit roast.. (my sewing room is the family room and my sewing table is the second dining table!) Ah well!

Anyway, the spit roast was wonderful and everyone left happy and well fed. On Tuesday I tackled the job of putting it all back together again.

I really do like how I've set it up this time. I even have a desk/cutting table.

But that isn't my flaunt!

I've learnt to make paper!!!! How addictive is that! I had to set up te whole process for a teacher at school and test it! I even made my own Dackle and Mould! I can see paper in my journal quilts any time soon!

December journal is starting to look totally different!

Off to cook dinner!



aubirdwoman said...

wow.... and there's more talents. Gosh I wish I live just up the road from you.
Love the colours in the previous post.

cinzia said...

Top looking paper.. no wonder you don't get your quilting finished.. with all of these other skills you are acquiring!

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