Saturday, November 14, 2009

Artists Trading Cards

I've been busy today. I finished pressing my handmade paper and I made a small pile of ATCs. I'm a member of a group that swap ATCs. This is the first swap I've joined, because it grabbed my interest. The theme is "The Elements - Earth"

The theme screamed to me " Look in your Geology books!!!!!!" So I did!  I found strata!

I started with a very uninteresting monoprint (that I forgot to take a photo of, then I printed over it with a lino block that I carved with  "strata" in mind.

I was going to make each ATC individually but when I started to quilt them, the sewing machine took over and they did their own thing!

I squared it up and cut to size (2.5" x 3.5").  This exercise was one of the most liberating quilty things I have done for a long time!

Some of the finished products!

The idea of the swap is that we will eventually "Do" all the elements - water, air, fire - humm - I think there is another one but I can't remember. My lino - I think - I can do all the elements with the same block, just changing the colour and the quilting to change the "element". That's the plan!

Now off to hand sew the binding to my stained glass!



Linda Robertus said...

They look great Sally! If you have a spare one I would love to trade an ATC.

Robbie said...

Very cool! And a great way to use one of your lino's! I like the idea of using this particular lino cut for each of the elements...perfect!

Debbi Baker said...

Your ATCs are awesome Sally!! Love them and look forward to seeing what you "do" with the other elements. If you ever want to do a one-on one ATC trade let me know...

aubirdwoman said...

fabulous Sally. You really make me want to try again. its that darn satin stitch lol.

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