Thursday, November 26, 2009

No jam and a Friday flaunt! - It's Thursday!!!!!!!

First of all I need to confess!  I went to the stupidmarket this afternoon, on the way home from work to buy the sugar to make the jam.  Reasonable , you are thinking!  Well,  I went to that horrid place and I bought all the things on the list on the fridge (still attached to the fridge), and the stuff I remembered I had to get, that weren't attached to the fridge.  I even found a park right outside the stupidmarket!

I came home and put it all away and then just "did stuff", as you do when you come home from work!

As I was cooking dinner , I thought to myself  "start jam!". Then the horror!  I forgot to buy the sugar!  Please see a very bad word around about this space!

Strawberries now marinading in their own juice till tomorrow!

All has worked out well after all that - DSD1 (dear stepdaughter1), has decided to make a devil's food cake tonight!  Good job I'm not making jam! And now I'm in charge of cakes in the oven because she has to go to work!  Eeeeek!  I've got to get this one right!

Ok, at least I can flaunt without jam - grrrrr!

When I made my ATCs I used one of my geology books as the source for my image! Strata! I just rummaged through the book and I got inspired! I found fossils! the fossils were algae! I decided to bring them to life again. This lino is red, green and brown, fossil algae!

Now you all think I'm stark raving mad!


Here is my end product!  Green, Red and Brown Algae!

Lutradur, disperse dyes, hand dyed fabric, Lino print, free motion quilting, beading  and a shed full of imagination!

I'd love some feedback - am I going in the right direction?


Dee Soden said...

Ya gotta love fossils, . . . always a good source for inspiration. You are goning to love out fossil museum here in Bathurst Sally. We might see if we can check it out together.
Del the Dinosaur

Helen from Hobart said...

Brilliant Sally

You have really got the hang of using lino prints and quilting together - looks as if it was always meant to be.

Hugz Helen

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