Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I think I'm allergic to Spring!

Can I cancel Spring - I need a nasal plumber! My nose washer has broken and the bits are dripping!

I am sure it is hayfever - I only do hayfever every so often (usually a nice moist spring like this year).

I did compensate with a little red!  I just did a big edit to this post!  Too much!  Green that is!

Well, it really is a lot of red - after I hulled the strawberries I have 4 Kgs of the little darlings to turn into jam.

Working space!
The best produce - organic strawberries from Fentonbury!  Ta Peter!
The hulled bits and the rain ruined bits!  Not too many.  Yeah!
 Don't they just look good enough to eat!  Not really but the colour is to die for!  I did nibble a bit as I hulled, with a small bowl of cream for dipping.  What is left are definitely jam strawberries and my hands smell yummy!

By tomorrow night this should be bottles and bottles of yummy strawberry jam!


Susan Briscoe said...

I'll swap you - you can come and do the beginning of winter in the UK if I can have spring in Tasmania!

Those strawberries look delicious - I'm drooling.

Linda Robertus said...


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