Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I just looked at my blog!

I have a serious problem!

It's Green!!!!!!

Everything I have done for the last few months is green!!!!!!!

I don't do green! I wore green (bottle green) to school for 14 years!) I don't do green!

Well I thought I didn't?


And you should see what is on the design wall!!!!

Algae! More green!

I might be warming to green - bugger!

It does have potential! Green that is!


Karen said...

I love green!!

Kelly said...

Your bubble shooter widget is really cool. Have you seen this bubble shooter site yet?

Banaghaisge said...

Maybe you are going to get a surprise trip to Copenhagen...

Anonymous said...

I find it easy being green, but I don't ever want too many blues (unless they have lots of rhythm).
By the way, I think your bubble shooter widget just shot out a plug in while I was trying to get your blog to load! Things started to load after it happened, and there are no bubbles floating around.
Judy B

Sally Westcott said...

Thanks for your comment. Sorry, I had no idea that my widget was causing a problem! I don't know if I'm not told!

I've removed it!

And as for green! I love R&B! I just don't "Do" green in my life usually! I'm still trying to work out where all this green is coming from!

Hugz and Ta


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