Saturday, November 21, 2009

Playing with Lino blocks and Lutradur

I've been playing today!

As well as doing the on-line Lino cutting course with Dijanne Cevaal, I've bought her eBook Lovely Lutradur.  She has written this book with Marion Barnett.

Lutradur is a polyester, non-woven fabric that is amazing to work with!  I have the Transfer dyes ready to do some serious play with the lutradur but I thought I would experiment a little first!  I have had some fabric crayons for a while and I haven't used them, so, today was the day.

I did a rubbing of the lino block I used to make Deco Leaves and then transferred that to the lutradur.  I used gold lutradur and a black crayon.  I don't think I will use that combination again but it has worked.  I stitched that over some yummy green hand dyed fabric and the little quiltlet pictured is the end result.  The photo doesn't show the sparkle of the lutradur nor the colour of the threads I've used to quilt it!   Ah well!

It really has been a lovely way to spend a not very warm afternoon.
It is 11 inches x 6 inches.


Nia Tilley said...

This is beautiful Sally. Congrats!

Robbie said...

I love this piece!! We just used some of my cuts from Dijanne's online class in my workshop today using paintstiks! Love your colors

Erica Spinks said...

Sally, I love the colour combination on this piece. Lovely!

Karen said...

So lovely and green!

Debbi Baker said...

This is really gorgeous Sally (and regarding your later Green post - green is GOOD!)

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