Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another little Sneaky Peek!

Here are two more little bits of what I can't show you!

I started quilting it tonight.  Because it's rust dyed fabric for the most part, I've had to get out one of my older machines  to do the quilting.  My Beautiful Bernina would not like to get rust in her works - could create serious problems the "me and her" would not like!

I bought a 1930's Singer a  few years ago for not very much.  She sews a beautiful stitch but is very worn and won't be able to do much more sewing.  I don't think she will mind a little rust dust in her innards!  She has the advantage that I can easily strip her down to give her a good clean too!

Free motion quilting with a 1930's machine is an interesting experience - I don't think she has done it before.  I spent a lot of time playing with a practice sandwich!  That will made an interesting cushion one day!

That little gold circle is my first attempt at foiling!  How much fun is that!  Took 2 attempts to get it right, but I had fun doing it!



elle said...

Morning from across the world. I, too, was thinking it is time to put thought to action. You have a great start; can't wait to see what you are puzzle-ing out.

Prim2Pink said...

You sure have me wondering about what you've done!! Can't wait to see the results. Looks fantastic so far!

Gina said...

Your hints are fun! I've never tried foiling. I'll bet this foiled gem will look great in your quilt.

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